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Notice: The Order Books Are Now Closed

Due to the number of orders received recently, I have decided to closed my books for the time being.  I will send out a notification to all of my subscribers once I begin taking orders again.  Thank you for your patience and for your interest in my handmade custom knives.

If Only. . . 


Have you ever seen a knife that you "almost" liked?  Perhaps you've run across a knife who's design and flow are outstanding, who's fit and finish are impeccable, but those Micarta scales just aren't your thing.  Maybe you've thought that a certain knife looks nice, but you'd rather see it with some texture on those bolsters.  If only it had a Damascus blade, pink anodized titanium liners, or vine-pattern filework on the spine, then you'd have to have it.  If you've ever asked yourself the "if only" question, then what you really want is a true custom knife.  Wait no more . . . the order books are open!

Place an Order

To initiate the process of placing a custom order, simply send me a message from my Contact Page with a description of your ideas for a project and I'll get right back with you.  Together we will work out all the details of your custom knife to make the dream of your perfect knife a reality.  Download a PDF version of the Custom Knife Selection Guide from the link at the top of this page for more information on the custom order process.  If you have questions or would like more information about my knives, use the same contact form and ask away.  I will do my best to give you all the information you require to make the very best decisions to meet your knife needs. 

How Much Will it Cost?

That's a great question, and one of the hardest to answer.  The best answer I can give is that it all depends on your choice of materials and the amount of customization and detail that you are looking to integrate into your knife.  A simple knife will obviously cost much less than a more intricate, more detailed one made from premium materials.  I'll work with you directly until we can come to a design that will meet your needs and fits within your budget.  For a reasonable idea of the cost of my knives, I invite you to visit my Available Knives Page where you will be able to get an idea of the value of my work.  For serious inquiries, just send me a message from my Contact Page with your question, and I'll do my best to answer.

Knife Designs


At the current time I have several knife designs for the choosing as illustrated below.  Each knife has been prototyped to work out any "kinks" in the design.  These are tried and true designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.  Choose from these designs for your custom order, or work directly with me to design something completely original.  Disclaimer: I will charge a fair, but additional fee for developing a new design as it can take some time and a lot of work to do so.

Download this Custom Knife Selection Guide to aid you in the custom design process.

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