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Anodizing and Filework

I am very close to the finish line on these two knives. All I really have left to do is a little tweaking on the locks and a final assembly and inspection. The journey is almost at an end. Here are a few pics of this last weekend's work.

Here is the Pride blade after having been masked off and ready for etching. The yellow paint keeps the acid from eating into critical areas during the etch.

While waiting for the paint to dry on the blade, I went ahead and jeweled the interior surfaces of the liners. They look pretty cool like this. Those swirls really catch the light and make the liners look so interesting.

If you recall, the Pride blade is made from Mike Norris Damascus. So, into a ferric chloride solution it goes for a few minutes.

Here's the blade after etching. Wow, that pattern really pops now. It's going to look great with the color scheme for this design.

Next, it's off to the mill where the lock bars are cut into the liners. I use a small cutoff wheel to make the process easy.

And here are both liners with the lock bars cut in.

Now it's time to add some "bling" to the knives. Here is the Bobcat spacer with a filework pattern that I have dubbed alternating arches. It's a fairly simple pattern, but I think it will fit this gentleman-style knife really well.

And here are the Bobcat liners with an alternating dot pattern to compliment the spacer. I didn't get a pic of the Pride liners, so I'll have to wait for the final pics to show them off.

The final step of the day was to anodize all of the titanium parts to their final colors. The Bobcat liners were anodized yellow, the Pride liners were anodized purple, and the Pride spacer and pivot screws were anodized blue. Those colors really pop.

Thanks for following along with me on this build. I think it's safe to say that I'll have these finished up by this coming weekend. I hope their new owners like what I've done. Have a great week.

- Brandant Robinson

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