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Bobcat & Jaguar Complete!!!

Well, I had a very productive weekend. I was able to finish both knives that I have had on my bench for some time now. It's a great feeling to finally complete these builds and see the finished products. Here are the final pics of these two builds.

Here is the Jaguar blade with the bevels ground and a nice hand-rubbed satin finish. I love a beautiful satin on a blade.

Grinding the bevels on the Bobcat blade on a 12 inch contact wheel for a nice hollow grind.

Both blades are complete with satin finishes, maker's marks, and the edges sharpened.

The insides of the liners are jeweled for some extra, yet subtle interest.

These two knives called for some filework. Here is the Bobcat spacer with a twisted ribbon pattern filed in.

The Jaguar spacer gets a V's and O's pattern for a modern look.

The Jaguar liners also get fileworked. I call this pattern scallops.

The knves are partially assembled and the lock face is filed down until the lock engages with the tang for a perfect lockup.

Here's how the magic of anodization happens. The part is dunked into a bath of electrolyte solution with a current passed through it. The color changes right before your eyes. It really is an amazing process.

Fully anodized liners. Bronze for the Jaguar and blue for the Bobcat. The lock faces will get a layer of carbide welded on to lessen lock stick and the detent balls have already been pressed in as seen in the photo.

With a few more details done off camera, the two knives are complete. Here are a few pics of the finished knives.

I really love how these knives turned out. I think the details and colors turned out pefectly. I would love to hold on to them for a while, but my clients have been patient long enough. Below are a couple of videos of these knives for a final look. Thanks for following along with me on this adventure. On to the next. . .

- Brandant Robinson

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