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Handles Shaped

I'm a little late this week getting this post up, but I wanted to give a quick update on the three knives that I'm currently working on. The progress on these three has been a little slow since I've been dividing my time between my demanding "real" job, a long list of home improvement projects on the inside and outside of my home, and this wonderful hobby of knife making. Even though the progress has been slow, it's still moving in a forward direction.

Here is the current state of progress on the three knives. As a reminder, the top knife is a Jaguar with natural Micarta scales, the middle is a Raven with blue shred carbon fiber, and the bottom is a Bobcat with stabilized maple burl scales. The limited time that I spent in the shop was devoted to fitting, contouring and shaping the handles. I love the feel of a nicely rounded handle and I like to go the extra mile to make my knives feel great in the hand. Don't mind the smudges or the screw heads covered in black gunk. That's just buffing compound that will get cleaned up once I take the knives apart.

I'm having a hard time picking out a favorite handle from these three. I love the mellow, understated look of the natural Micarta, which will really pop when the zirconium bolsters are colored. The blue shred CF scales looked kind of blaw in the beginning until I took them up to a high polish. Now, they look great with dimension and texture and will also look amazing when the zirconium bolsters are anodized that charcoal color. I also really love the natural beauty of the burl wood on the Bobcat. It's pretty hard to beat the looks and the feel of a beautiful piece of wood.

Well, that does it for this weeks update. I hope you'll check back again soon.

- Brandant Robinson

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