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Progress on the Triplets

I've been elbow deep in a landscape renovation project at my home, so my shop time has been a little lacking. I did manage to log in a few quality hours though, and made some good progress on the three knives. Here are a few photos showing the progress made.

Here is the little jig that I use for trimming off screws to the exact length that I need for fastening bolsters and scales. It's simply a piece of steel ground to the exact thickness with a bunch of 0-80 holes tapped through it. I just fasten in a handful of screws and grind down the ends. Works great and I can do a lot at the same time.

Here are all of the handles with the bolsters and scales attached to the liners. UGLY!!! They look kind of cobbled together like Frankenstein's monster, but I'll pretty them up soon.

After some time at the grinder, they look much more presentable. The pair on the left goes to the Jaguar, the middle ones to the Bobcat, and the right pair go to the Raven.

The Raven gets a pocket clip. I decided to make the screws hidden to keep things looking nice.

Here are the pocket clip screws fastened from the inside of the liner.

The rest of my time was spent building the various pivot assemblies for the three knives. Two knives get bronze washers and the Raven gets caged bearings. This precision work really makes or breaks a good knife.

This is the handy lapping tool that I use to trim down bushings and pivot pins. It works really well.

After the pivot systems are complete, I set the open and closed position of the blades. Here is the Bobcat getting the spacer marked to set the open position. The front edge of the spacer is ground down until the blade opens to the correct position. Each knife gets the same treatment.

Here is a final group shot of the three knives fully assembled for the first time. The next time that I make it out to the shop I'll spend some time shaping the handle and getting everything ground down to its final shape. If I'm lucky, I'll also get started on grinding the blades.

Thanks for following along with me on this knife-making adventure.

- Brandant Robinson

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