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Starting Three New Builds

Greetings, Folks. I hope that you are all doing well and are ready to take another ride with me on a new knife-making adventure. For this time around, I will be building three knives at the same time in order to maybe save some time on retooling when switching between one process to the next. I hope you enjoy following along.

The three knives that I will be building are all custom knives that I am creating for some very nice clients. The one on the left will be a Jaguar with zirconium bolsters, natural Micarta scales, 416 stainless spacer, titanium liners and CPM154 blade. The knife in the middle will be a Raven with zirconium bolsters, blue shred carbon fiber scales, titanium spacer, liners and pocket clip, and a CPM154 blade. The knife on the right will be a Bobcat with Damasteel front and rear bolsters, stabilized maple burl scales, 416 stainless spacer, titanium liners and a CPM154 blade. The photo above shows all of the major parts cut out to rough dimensions.

I spent some time profiling the parts closer to their final shapes.

Because the zirconium bolsters are not magnetic, I temporarily super glue them to a piece of precision steel so that I can surface grind the back sides flat. I will also surface grind the blades to remove all mill scale and imperfections and to get the sides parallel.

All of the blades get their pivot and thumb stud screw holes drilled while the steel is still annealed. This photo shows the Raven receiving a counter sink at the pivot which will accept a caged ceramic bearing assembly.

Here are the three blades surface ground, drilled and countersunk. The next step will be to wrap them up in some tool wrap and then on to heat treating. I'll get to that the next time I get out to my shop.

Thanks for following along with me on this new build. I hope you'll check back next week for more progress pics and narrative.

- Brandant Robinson

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