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Progress on the Guardian

It's been a few weeks since I've posted any progress on the Guardian knife. I've been under the weather and unable to get out to the shop. I did manage, however, to get out there last weekend and made some good progress on this build. Here are some pics of the highlights.

I missed a few photos between where I left off in the last post up to this point. As you can see, the bolsters, scales, and spacer have been put together and profiled. The pivot assembly has also been completed and the knife has been fully assembled for the first time. This design incorporates hidden screws and is looking really cool.

Here's a pic of the back side with the pocket clip fastened on.

Milling out the back side of the pocket clip.

Pocket clip shaped and ready to go.

Here the handle has been contoured and polished up to 2000 grit and ready to be buffed.

Here is a terrible pic of the knife reassembled after heat coloring the cu-zr mokume and the zirc scales. I'll take some much better pics once this knife is done to show off its true colors.

Here's the back side of the knife. Looking good.

Next time I hope to finish the blade, set the lock, and finish up all the little details. I'm also going to build a display stand to go with this knife. I have a few ideas floating around my noggin, so we'll see what I actual end up with. Check back next week for what will likely be the finale of this build. Thanks for following along with me on my knife-making adventures.

- Brandant Robinson

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