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Knife Sale!!!

Greetings, everyone and happy new year to all. I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to a new year as much as I am. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, celebrating both holidays in the company of my wonderful family.

I am starting off this new year with a few knife making goals that will help to push my skills as an artisan forward into new territory. In order to meet some of these new goals, I am looking seriously at upgrading some of my tools and equipment. For this reason I have significantly reduced the price on all of my available knives by $100 or more! I don't typically do sales, so this is a great opportunity to add one of my pieces of edged art to your collection. I will only run this sale for a short time, so don't hesitate for too long. Make sure you visit my Available Knives and Gear page and please click on the videos for the two Pride knives. The videos really helps to show off the true beauty of these pieces.

Sale Price: $425.00

Sale Price: $425.00

Sale Price: $325.00

Sale Price: $275.00

For my next adventure into knife making, I'll be doing two simultaneous builds. I have all of the major components gathered and cut out to rough shape for both knives, but I didn't take any pics yet. The first knife will be a modified Glaucus design with a more refined blade shape. I actually started this knife with the intention of keeping it as my own EDC since I lost my own Glaucus a few weeks ago. As luck would have it, right after I cut out the pieces for the new knife, my daughter found my old one on the laundry room floor. Go figure. So, I may or may not keep this new one for myself. If someone talks me out of it, I may make it available for purchase.

The second knife will be a new design that I have dubbed the Raven. I'm really excited about this design. It is a much larger knife than I usually make and it will be my version of a tactical flipper with all of the bells and whistles. Both of these knives will be fit with caged ceramic bearings which I'm really excited to try out. I hope the bearings will give the knives a velvety smooth feel. I'm also going to try building both of these knives with no visible hardware. That part is going to be very tricky, but I think I can pull it off. Check back soon and thank you for following along.

- Brandant Robinson

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