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Starting Details and Blade Bevels

I love this time in a knife build. The parts are all profiled, everything is shaped, and the parts are all fit and tight. It's time for some detail work and to start on the blades. I spent my shop time working on the pearl handle knife. I'll have to get to the carbon fiber blade next week. Here are this weekend's pics.

It takes a lot of time and work to do nice and even filework, but it's definitely worth it. Looking at the photo above, I think you'll agree with me. Twisted ribbon pattern on the spacer and vine and thorn patter on the liners. It took me a good while to uncross my eyes after this work.

Here is the blade with the bevels ground in. I took it up to 2000 grit and then polished it up with green compound. If you recall, this blade is Damasteel, so it will soon be etched to bring out the pattern. You can't really see in the pic, but in person you can already see the pattern at this level of finish.

Getting the filework done and the blade bevels ground and polished ate up my shop time. I couldn't resist assembling the knife to see how things looked. Besides, I needed to check the fit a final time before I finish everything up. Looking good!

Man, I like this one! You should see the pearl sparkle. I'll get some better quality pics of this one when it's finished which I hope will bring out the details better. Can't wait to get this one finished up.

Next week, I hope to grind the blade bevels on the other knife and hopefully etch both of the blades. Depending on the time I can squeeze in, it's possible that I can get these two finished up next week. It would be nice to offer them for sale before Christmas. If anyone is interested in either or both of them, just contact me. My knives always go to the first person that wants them.

- Brandant Robinson

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