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Making Progress on the Twins

The work on the two Pride knives continues. There was a lot of drilling and rough shaping done this weekend. Here's where I'm at on these two builds.

After a lot of drilling and tapping, the handles of both knives have been shaped and fitted together. Two of the worst materials to deal with in a shop are mother of pearl and carbon fiber. I definitely wore my respirator while grinding.

The insides of the liners get jeweled for some extra interest on the insides of the knives.

The last thing step that I finished was to cut the lock bars into the left side liners of each knife. I do this on the mill with a thin cutoff disk. Works pretty good.

The next steps will be to fit the locks, set the detents, and to work on the handle profiles of the knives. Thanks for following along with me on this build. Check back soon.

- Brandant Robinson

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