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More on the KITH Glaucus

I didn't get to spend much time out in the workshop this last weekend. I don't seem to be getting much time playing as of late; too many home improvement projects going on at the moment. Still, I did manage a couple of hours and made a little progress on the Glaucus build. Here are a few pics of that progress.

Here's the contoured handle after spending some time at the grinder. I took this up to about 1500 grit to get everything smooth and even. The contouring brings out the features of the G-10.

Here's a look at the spine of the handle. Everything is all bright and shiny.

The bolsters have been hand rubbed with 600 grit paper for a nice satin finish. I'm not really sure if I will keep this finish or not. I'll mull it over and decide later.

The liners get a stipple texture finish at I do with a diamond bit in my rotary tool. I really like how this texture looks and it adds a little something extra to the knife.

The texture is finished.

Time to move on to the blade. I use a 3/32" drill bit and scratch a reference line in the center of the edge that I will use as a guide while grinding.

This pic shows the center line that was scratched in.

This is my cheap little guide that I attach to the blade to get my plunges aligned. I have also scratched in a line for the grind termination. I didn't get a chance to start grinding the blade, but I'm ready to go the next time I get some shop time. Thanks for following along with this build.

- Brandant Robinson

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