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More Progress on the Custom Pride Knife

I made some pretty good progress on the handle of on the custom Pride. Here are a few pics of what I was able to get done in the short time I had out in my shop.

Here is the knife after the scales, liners, spacer and blade have all been profile ground to final shape. It's actually looking like a knife now.

Here's a look at the knife from the spine. It's still kind of blocky, but that will soon change.

I ground and polished the pocket clip. The only thing left to do is to color the Timascus. Should be a nice little clip.

Here is the pocket clip after drilling and tapping the scale. It's set for a pretty deep carry.

This is what the handle looks like after shaping and grinding to 2000 grit and a quick spin on the buffer. It's so shiny that you can actually see the raindrop pattern of the Timascus, even before it is heat colored. I spent some time messing around with heating the Timascus to get a better color in my heat treat oven. I think it works better just using a torch to get a consistent color. Next week I'll get the lock set and start grinding the blade.

While I was messing around with the Timascus coloring, I decided to turn a few more lanyard beads. These beads are all made of copper with the color coming from a heat patina process. I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They are available over on the Knives and Gear page if you're interested in adding one or more to your collection.

Thanks for following along with me on this build. I hope you'll drop by next week for the next installment.

- Brandant Robinson

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