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Progress on the Pride Knife

I don't know if any of you have ever had the experience of getting completely lost in your work that you lose track of time and nearly everything else. Well, I must really be into this build because I keep forgetting to take progress photos. In fact, I only took two. I know that it's not quite up to my posting standards, but here are the two pics that I did managed to take.

Here at the major parts of the knife: the blade, the spacer, the two liners, and the two scales. The blade has been hardened and tempered and surface ground to 400 grit. The lock face has also been ground into the tang at 10 degrees in preparation for the lock. The other parts have been drilled, tapped, and counter sunk for all the fasteners that will be needed. A lanyard hole has also been added to the back corner of the handle as the client has requested. The pocket clip holes will be added after the knife is assembled and all parts are ground to their final shape so that the clip will be aligned properly.

Here is the knife after its initial assembly. The pivot system and closed stop pin have also been fitted and installed. I consider this the "ugly knife" stage of the build. It finally looks like a knife but it looks ugly. That will soon change after spending some time on the grinder in the next step.

I wish I had more to show this week, but that's all I've got. I'll do my best next week to take a lot more pics as the build progresses. Thanks for following along with me.

- Brandant Robinson

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