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Custom Pride Complete

I had an absolutely wonderful time with this build. It was a great experience working with a new client, my first try with Timascus, and I even got to fire up the mini-mill to build the pocket clip. Not to mention that the knife turned out absolutely gorgeous! I didn't take too many pics of the final steps of this build, got lost in the zone I guess, but here's what I have.

Here is the blade after grinding and hand finishing. The edge is very fine and took a wonderfully sharp edge, fine enough to shave the hair off a frogs belly.

I chose to go with a bronze color on the liners. My thought was that the color would shine through the holes in the scales and look like the stars in a constellation. It worked out pretty well.

Here is the lock face after it has been carbidized. The thin layer of carbide on the titanium lock face makes the lock much easier to disengage from the blade tang and much less sticky. It's definitely worth the extra effort.

And here she is in all of her glory! A friend of mine asked if he could photograph a few of my knives in order to flesh out his portfolio. Of course I jumped at the chance. My parents didn't raise no fool. It's a huge leap above my meager photos of past knives. The photo really shows off the true colors and details of the knife. It's so much better than my feeble amateur attempts. I just might have to have more knives professionally photographed in the future.

Thanks for following along with me on this build. I need to get this knife packaged up and ready to ship off to its new owner. I sure hope he enjoys it. How could he not, right?! Let me know what you think. Now, back to that Talon build. . .

- Brandant Robinson

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