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Handles On

Well, the end is drawing near on the kitchen set project. I was able to get the blades all finished and the handles on all the knives. With my son's wedding only a few weeks away, I hope to finish this project up very soon. Here are a few pics of the progress made on the kitchen set.

The first three knives have their blades finished, bolsters attached and scales ready to be glued up. I really like this bubinga wood for a kitchen knife. It should look really nice once the finish is applied to the wood.

Here are the first three knives clamped up, waiting for the epoxy to cure.

While waiting for the epoxy to cure on the other knives, I ground and hand sanded the boning knife. This should make for a great slicer.

All four knives of the set have their scales attached and are ready for some handle shaping.

Here is the paring knife after shaping and hand finishing. It is really comfortable in the hand and should make for a great kitchen helper.

I hope to get the handles on the other knives finished up this next week and start applying the Tru-Oil finish to the wood. It takes quite a few coats of the Tru-Oil to get an acceptable finish, so if I'm going to make the deadline of the wedding, I need to get started soon. That's it for this week. Thanks for following along with me on this project.

- Brandant Robinson

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