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More Progress on the Kitchen Set

I don't think I ever get done what I would like to accomplish in my shop. This weekend was no exception. I did, however, manage to make some decent progress on the kitchen set. I didn't take many photos since each knife build is kind of a carbon copy of the first, albeit they may be different lengths or shapes. Just the same, here are a few pics of how the kitchen set is progressing.

Here is the utility knife fresh off the grinder. I made some modifications to this design since the last kitchen set that I made. I think it's a noticeable improvement.

There was obviously several steps to get the utility knife to this point. But here are the two knives side by side. I think I'll bring all four knives to this stage so I only have to glove up and mess with the sticky epoxy once.

Before I quit for the weekend I was able to get the hollow grinds finished on the chef's knife. I still need to true up the flats and hand sand the blade, but that will have to be a job for next week. I still have a long ways to go, and with my son's wedding only a month away, I need to ramp up my shop time. Still, I think I can get these finished on time. Thanks for following along with me on this project.

- Brandant Robinson

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