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A Quick Break From Folders

If you followed me on the old blog, you may recall that I got my start into knife making while I was into woodcarving several years ago. I was having a hard time finding a good knife for a decent price and wanted to experiment with how the different profiles of knives would effect my woodcarving. Being one who loves to tinker around in my shop, I decided to give building my own knife a try. Well, one knife turned into two, two into ten, and ten turned unto hundreds. These woodcarving knives are simple when compared to my custom folders, but they are where I began to develop my love for knife making.

I still have a fairly good sized stack of materials for making these knives, and my old customers have been pressing me to start making them again. So, I spent what little shop time I could find last weekend and made a pretty big batch of blades in several of my most popular profiles.

These blades will all be mounted into wood handles and sharped to razor sharpness. The profiles range from Wharncliffe, to drop point, to trailing point in different lengths and sizes. These little knives are fun to make, but my heart is still in building folders. But, when these are finished up, they should keep my old woodcarving friends happy for a while. It was actually nice to get back to my roots for a time. It helps to keep things in perspective. Thanks for following along with my on my knife-making adventures.

- Brandant Robinson

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