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Handles and Detail Work Done

Progress continues on the Bobcat and Pride, albeit at a slow pace. I did manage to get both handles shaped and some detail work done on the Pride knife in the few short hours that I had to spend out in the shop. Here are a few photos of the progress.

Here are both knives with their handles shaped. At this stage, one can really get a feel of what the finished knives are going to look like. There are some embellishments that will change the look some, but the overall lines of the designs are there.

The bolsters and the spacer on the Pride knife call for a chipped stone texture. this is accomplished at the grinder with a 3/4" wheel and a lot of patience. I think it looks really cool.

It might be a little early, but I couldn't help myself. I went ahead and heat anodized the Timascus pivot collars and spacer inlays. These are going to look really sharp on the finished knife.

Here are the spacer inlays installed in the spacer. The spacer will actually be anodized at the client's request, but you can get an idea of how they will look from this pic. Pretty cool.

Here we are at the mill with the pocket clip blank fastened down, ready for some stock removal.

Here is a trial fit of the clip after the mill work was completed. It fits really well.

The last step that I was able to complete was to add some texture to the pocket clip. It looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

This next weekend being Labor Day weekend, I'm not sure if I will have any time to work on these knives. I hope to steal a few hours from the long weekend, but family comes first. Thanks for following along with me on this build. Have a great week.

- Brandant Robinson

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