Progress on the Camp Knife

Well, like I mentioned at the end of my last post, I completely forgot to filework the spine of the blade before I hardened it. I thought that I could use a set of diamond files to get the job done on the hardened blade, but it was pretty futile. I spent a few minutes with the diamond files and had hardly scratched the surface. Could I have fileworked the blade with the diamond files, probably, but it would have taken two lifetimes. Ultimately, I decided to try annealing the blade, which was a huge disaster. The decarb on the blade was absolutely terrible, rendering the knife useless. The kids today I think would call that an epic fail. That's major mistake #2. Dang it! Many more to

Let's Build a Camp Knife

Looks like the Talon knife will be waiting a little longer as I've received another custom order that bumped it down the list again. I don't think I'll ever get that Talon done. Oh well, such is life. This new knife breaks a few of my custom order rules, but it's for a personal friend of mine. I'll be making him a camp-style knife that should be good for almost any chore that is thrown its way. Here are the first few steps of the build. Here is the stack of raw materials from which the knife will be made. O-1 tool steel will be used for the blade which is a tried and true old favorite. The bolsters will be fashioned from 416 stainless steel and pinned to the blade with 416 pins. The

Another Custom Pride Complete

As the title suggests, I finished up with the custom Pride build that I have been working on for the past few weeks. It turned out to be a really stunning knife. Here are the final steps of this build. The filework on the liners in underway. I decided to do a vine and thorn pattern. It's kind of an elegant pattern for a really beautiful knife. I know that this photo is terrible, but the filework is now complete. Here are the parts waiting for the magic to begin. The Timascus parts get heat colored and the plain titanium liners get anodized. Again, these pics are terrible but you can kind of make out the beautiful purple and blue tones of the Timascus and I went with a gold color for the