Mechanically Complete Pride

The custom Pride knife has been progressing quite well. I was able to grind the bevels on the blade and get the knife mechanics all dialed in. This knife has reached a point where it's mechanically complete, meaning that all of the mechanical properties of the knife are in working order. From here on out, it's all finish work. Here are some pics of the progress. Here is the Damasteel blade with the bevels ground in. I've taken this knife up to a fairly high polish. Once the knife is practically done I'll give the blade a final polish, add the gold studs, and give the blade an etch to bring out the pattern. I have marked on the right liner where the lock bar will be cut. I almost jumpe

More Progress on the Custom Pride Knife

I made some pretty good progress on the handle of on the custom Pride. Here are a few pics of what I was able to get done in the short time I had out in my shop. Here is the knife after the scales, liners, spacer and blade have all been profile ground to final shape. It's actually looking like a knife now. Here's a look at the knife from the spine. It's still kind of blocky, but that will soon change. I ground and polished the pocket clip. The only thing left to do is to color the Timascus. Should be a nice little clip. Here is the pocket clip after drilling and tapping the scale. It's set for a pretty deep carry. This is what the handle looks like after shaping and grinding to 2000 gr

Progress on the Pride Knife

I don't know if any of you have ever had the experience of getting completely lost in your work that you lose track of time and nearly everything else. Well, I must really be into this build because I keep forgetting to take progress photos. In fact, I only took two. I know that it's not quite up to my posting standards, but here are the two pics that I did managed to take. Here at the major parts of the knife: the blade, the spacer, the two liners, and the two scales. The blade has been hardened and tempered and surface ground to 400 grit. The lock face has also been ground into the tang at 10 degrees in preparation for the lock. The other parts have been drilled, tapped, and counter