Another Custom Pride Knife

Greetings, everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and ready to follow along with me on another adventure in knife making. The Talon knife got put on hold yet again so that I can fill a custom order. This knife will be very similar to the last Pride knife that I finished up a couple weeks ago. Here are a few pics of the first steps of this build. Here are all the main parts in their rough profile shapes. As I said before, this knife will be similar to the last knife that I made. It will have the same raindrop pattern timascus for the scales, spacer, and pocket clip. The main difference will be the blade which will be made from raindrop pattern Damasteel. It's definitely going to be a

Custom Pride Complete

I had an absolutely wonderful time with this build. It was a great experience working with a new client, my first try with Timascus, and I even got to fire up the mini-mill to build the pocket clip. Not to mention that the knife turned out absolutely gorgeous! I didn't take too many pics of the final steps of this build, got lost in the zone I guess, but here's what I have. Here is the blade after grinding and hand finishing. The edge is very fine and took a wonderfully sharp edge, fine enough to shave the hair off a frogs belly. I chose to go with a bronze color on the liners. My thought was that the color would shine through the holes in the scales and look like the stars in a constel

A New Custom Build

Well, I received a custom order for a Pride design knife, so I have to put the Talon on hold for a little while. I'm actually really excited for this build, so this should be a fun knife to make. With all the extra time I had in the shop over the holidays, I was able to make some great progress. Here's what's been going on. My client specified raindrop pattern timascus for the scales, spacer, and pocket clip. This is pretty cool stuff and I'm looking forward to working with it. The liners will be titanium as well and the blade is CPM 154. I already had this blade profiled and heat treated so I'm ahead of the game. My phone's battery died, so I didn't get any pics of building the main p